Director of Public Safety Policy, Illinois Governor’s Office (2017-January 2019)

  • Strategic thinking

  • Public safety policy development and oversight of public safety agencies

  • Antiviolence strategy

  • Criminal justice system reform

  • Legislative bill reviews and briefings

Federal prosecutor, Central District of Illinois (1983-2015)

  • Counter-terrorism (lead trial prosecutor in Ali al-Marri case)

  • Multi-jurisdictional drug distribution conspiracies (Lead Organized Crime Drug Enforcement Task Force Attorney)

  • Financial crimes

  • Attorney General's Distinguished Service Award (2009)


  • Criminal justice policy and reform

  • Anti-violence strategy

  • Investigating and prosecuting complex, multi-jurisdictional crime and criminal organizations

  • Anti-terrorism

  • National security law


Attorney-Advisor to the Iraqi High Tribunal (November 2005-August 2006)

  • Crimes against humanity, genocide, war crimes by Saddam Hussein and high-ranking members of his former regime.

  • Crimes against the Marsh Arabs, an indigenous population living in the southern marshes of Iraq for thousands of years.


  • International criminal justice

  • International humanitarian law


Diplomatic Attaché and Legal Advisor, Department of Justice, U.S. Embassy, Cairo (September 2010-April 2015)

  • Bilateral mutual legal assistance

  • Diplomatic liaison and capacity building programs:

    • Supreme Constitutional Court

    • Court of Cassation

    • Public Prosecution Office

    • Ministry of Justice


  • Egyptian law

  • Egyptian legal system

  • Egyptian judiciary

  • Egyptian government

  • International mutual legal assistance